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Institutions and individuals have committed to divest over $3.4 trillion of global assets of fossil fuel holdings, helping to jumpstart the energy transition needed to prevent global temperature rise from surpassing 1.5 degrees and irreversible changes to our planet’s climate system.

But U.S. government support for the fossil fuel industry is blocking the clean, renewable energy revolution we need. The U.S. government must do its part to divest our economy from fossil fuels and invest in a clean, renewable energy future.

The Divest for Democracy, Invest for a Just Transition initiative connects the power of the fossil fuel divestment movement with those campaigns calling on the U.S. government to end the fossil fuel era and accelerate a just transition to the clean, renewable energy economy. Our partners are doing this by:

Exposing the undue influence the fossil fuel industry exerts in our democracy through campaign contributions and lobbying expenditures and promoting a fossil free democracy.

Demanding an end to fossil fuel subsidies that prop up the industry that is destroying our planet.

Stopping extraction on public lands through grassroots mobilization and direct action.

Calling for the public investment necessary for swift and just transition to a clean, renewable energy economy.


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